NANOMAT 2008, International workshop on advanced materials and devices for photovoltaic applications, will be hold in METU Cultural and Convention Center, Ankara, Turkey on April 24-25, 2008. The workshop will focus on advanced materials, concepts and devices for the next generation solar cells. Organic, inorganic, and composite materials and devices will be covered. Special emphasis will be made on the device improvement using nano or microstructured materials.

Novel Materials and Devices covered :

  1. Novel photovoltaic materials, including molecular, nanostructured and composite materials
  2. Third generation solar cell concepts and devices.
  3. Novel structures and devices based on cells III-V materials.
  4. Amorphous & nano/microcrystalline thin film solar cell materials and devices
  5. Dye sensitized solar cells and photoelectrochemical devices
  6. Organic solar cells


The workshop will end with a one day excursion to Cappadocia on April 26, 2008.


E-MRS European Materials Research Society